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Two months back, I was filled with excitement as I finally got my hands on a Splat Gun, fulfilling a childhood dream. The package arrived, and I couldn't wait to head out to the backyard with my friends for some epic playtime.

However, disaster struck when my Splat R Ball gun suddenly stopped shooting!

Frustration washed over me, and I feared I had wasted my money on a mere gimmick.

But I refused to give up, being an adventurous soul, and decided to explore possible fixes for my beloved splatter gun. I delved into various ideas, determined to get it shooting again.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, fear not, as this simple guide will help you troubleshoot and fix the issue. Here's what you'll learn in this guide:

  • Possible reasons why a Splat, Orbeez, or Water Bead gun may be jammed.
  • How to fix a malfunctioned splat r gun.
  • What to do if nothing seems to work.

Different Ways to Fix a Splat Gun Not Shooting

Splat guns, a favorite pastime for both kids and adults, offer easy-to-use and reliable fun. However, like any equipment, they can occasionally run into technical issues that leave you puzzled.

If your Splat R Ball gun refuses to shoot, there could be various reasons causing the hiccup. Perhaps the water beads aren't hydrated enough, the gun's barrel is clogged, or the battery needs replacing.

Whatever the case, this guide provides quick and easy fixes to get your Splat R Ball gun back in action in no time.

Quick Fix: If your Splat gun is old, or you want to skip the troubleshooting process, buying a new gun is a quick fix for the problem. Here is an list of ultimate splat gun to buy, all available on Amazon, just from $35, and is meant for immense fun. 

1. Clean the Barrel of Your Gun if it is Dusty or Gunk.

I still vividly recall the day I was having a blast with my kids, playing a thrilling game of Splat R Ball. All geared up on the field, ready to take shots, my excitement quickly turned to frustration when my gun jammed.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed the barrel was covered in a thick layer of gunk and desperately needed a thorough cleaning.

Carefully, I cleaned the barrel with a soft cloth, removing all traces of gunk. I even disassembled the barrel and used a brush to reach stubborn dirt. After a few minutes of scrubbing, the barrel sparkled like new.

With everything properly assembled, I referred to the manual and YouTube videos, ensuring the pins and springs were perfectly aligned.

To my immense relief, after reassembling, the gun fired flawlessly, allowing me to continue the game with full enthusiasm!

Pro Tip: Always keep the barrel of your Splat gun clear of obstructions. When shooting, the air pressure from the barrel propels the Orbeez towards the target. Any blockage can cause jams or malfunctions, disrupting your play.

2. Dead or Low Battery.

If your Splat ball gun seems unresponsive, a dead or low battery could be the culprit. While this wasn't the issue in my case, I still checked the battery to confirm its condition, ensuring it was properly connected and fully functional. With a satisfied nod, I closed the gun and tested the trigger, which worked like a charm.

Should you suspect a dead battery, the fix is simple. Replace the battery, and your splat gun should be back to its spirited self.

Luckily, replacing the battery doesn't require special tools or expertise. Just find the correct replacement battery for your gun model and ensure it's fully charged before inserting it.

3. Your Water Beads Are Too Old.

Like many things in life, it's easy to overlook water beads until they cause trouble. Alas, water beads or Orbeez don't last indefinitely. As time passes, they can become brittle, discolor, or even develop mold.

To prevent issues, be mindful of your ammo's age and replace them as needed. As water beads age, they become more vulnerable to temperature and humidity changes.

They lose their shape, color, and some may even grow mildew. Thus, checking the health of your water beads is crucial as they could be causing your splat ball to jam.

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4. The Gun Might Not be Pressurized Properly.

A possible reason for your Splat R gun's failure to fire could be inadequate pressurization. If the gun isn't properly pressurized, it won't generate sufficient force to propel the Splat R balls.

Check that all wiring connecting to the air tank is properly connected and functional.

Should all these components be in order, there might be another issue, such as an internal mechanical problem or a clog in the Splat R ball's barrel.

Regularly inspect the gun for any signs of improper pressurization. Corrosion on the gun could indicate a pressurization problem.

5. Using the Wrong Ammo.

Splat Ball Guns are cherished by kids of all ages, as well as parents spending quality time with their little ones.

However, many forget to use the correct ammo, leading to malfunctions and firing issues.

The most common mistake is using regular paintballs instead of Splat Balls. Paintballs have a harder shell and won't fit the gun properly, causing jams or complete failure.

Ensure you're using the appropriate ammunition, as regular balls won't work.

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6. Problems with Wiring or Motor

The motor and wiring are essential components in propelling water beads or Orbeez from the gun's barrel.

Faulty wiring can disrupt the electricity supply to the motor, preventing the gun from shooting.

Similarly, a faulty motor won't generate enough power to shoot the ammunition.

If such issues arise, disassemble the gun and inspect the wiring and motor for potential problems.

Excessive use or exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity can also lead to motor failure, noticeable by a slow or non-functioning motor.

You may need to replace the motor entirely or seek professional repairs.

7. It is Time for a Replacement.

If your splat gun has persistent issues, it may be time to consider a replacement.

Here is my list of the best splat guns to buy in 2023, ranked based on firing speed and range.

Splat guns are a beloved outdoor toy for all ages, but if yours isn't functioning as it should, the fun can fade quickly.

Before selecting a new splat gun, read the product description carefully to ensure it suits your needs. Look for features like rounds per second, battery timing, and a comfortable grip. You can find splat guns at various retailers too.

Check customer reviews and compare prices for the best value.

And as a last resort, take some time to troubleshoot the problem yourself. Who knows, you might get your splat r ball gun up and running again.

If none of the above fixes your problem, consider checking out this YouTube video about troubleshooting Splat R Ball Guns.

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The Splat R Ball Gun is an exceptional recreational tool, known for its reliability, accuracy, and speed. But like any mechanical device, it can encounter issues.

Proper maintenance and regular cleaning prevent jams and keep rounds flowing. With a bit of care, the Splat R Ball gun remains a reliable and powerful companion for your shooting needs.

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