How Big Do Orbeez Get?

Welcome to the captivating world of Orbeez, where as a child, I was endlessly enthralled by their remarkable growth when submerged in water. Hours of playtime and wonder led me to a question that lingered in my mind – how big can Orbeez get, and is there a limit to their size?

Driven by curiosity, I conducted an experiment, placing a single Orbeez in water overnight, eager to witness its expansion. The following day, the Orbeez had grown to nearly 10 mm in diameter, but my thirst for knowledge remained unquenched. I decided to continue the experiment throughout the day, returning in the evening with anticipation. To my surprise, the growth was minimal, falling short of my expectations.

Thus, I concluded that Orbeez had reached their maximum size, measuring 14 mm, akin to a marble's size.

How Big Can Orbeez Get?

An Orbeez's maximum size is largely determined by the size of its container, and they can hardly surpass 14 mm in diameter, similar to a size marble.

Based on my experience, here are the approximate sizes you can expect after placing Orbeez in water.

Time (Hours)Size (mm)
Orbeez/Water Beads Growing Chart.

Please note that these values are estimates and may vary depending on the type and size of Orbeez used, as well as the temperature and other water conditions. Orbeez are hydrogel beads that absorb water and expand in size, influenced by ambient humidity and other factors.

While the phenomenon of Orbeez's growth is fascinating, it is essential to provide proper care as they may become moldy without adequate attention.

How to Make Orbeez Grow Bigger than Normal?

Orbeez, with their vibrant colors and joyous charm, make a delightful addition to any home or gathering. However, achieving the desired size may require some simple steps.

1. Use a Larger Container.

When it comes to growing Orbeez, especially in warm water, the size of the container matters significantly. Opting for a larger container can maximize growth potential and yield. Recently, I invested in a larger container, and it has proven to be a wise decision.

While I am no scientist, I have grasped the basics of Orbeez growth – they need water, warmth, and light to expand and flourish. Larger containers facilitate more substantial Orbeez growth, ensuring prolonged hydration and easier storage. Moreover, ample space allows for creativity in shaping and crafting.

2. Give Orbeez Sunlight.

Sunlight plays a crucial role in optimal Orbeez growth. Direct sunlight is ideal, but even indirect light from a window can work wonders.

Orbeez naturally absorb the sun's rays, utilizing the energy for growth and vitality. Placing them in a spot with direct sunlight or periodically rotating the container to ensure equal exposure can speed up growth. Depending on sunlight exposure, it may take six to eight hours for Orbeez to reach their full size.

3. Add More Water and Keep Them Hydrated.

Water is a vital component for growing Orbeez larger than normal. To achieve their maximum potential size, ensure you add more water.

Maintain a water level high enough to cover all Orbeez entirely, ensuring equal water absorption.

After submerging the Orbeez completely, allow the container to sit for a few hours, allowing them to absorb the water fully.

4. Add a Pinch of Salt to the Water.

To expedite growth and maintain plumpness and hydration, consider adding a pinch of table salt to the water alongside tap water.

The amount of salt needed depends on your desired Orbeez size – typically, one teaspoon should suffice!

Do Orbeez Ever Stop Growing?

Ah, the excitement of watching Orbeez grow, a treasured childhood memory. We often wondered, do Orbeez ever stop growing?

Through a small experiment, I discovered that Orbeez reach a maximum size of approximately 14 mm in diameter, beyond which they do not continue to grow.

Regardless of the amount of water or duration of soaking, Orbeez will not surpass 14 mm in diameter.

The maximum size of Orbeez is solely determined by their water absorption capacity and not by the duration they are soaked.

To achieve the most significant Orbeez size, I recommend soaking them for 24 hours.


How Big are Orbeez in mm?

Orbeez, tiny water-absorbing beads primarily used for sensory play and crafting, swell to 14 mm in diameter when filled with water. While some may perceive this size as small, it offers ample opportunities for unique crafts and designs.

How Much Time does it take for Orbeez to Grow to their Full Size?

Typically, Orbeez take 14-16 hours to reach their full size. The duration may vary based on water quantity, temperature, and other factors. To ensure proper growth, maintain water at room temperature and avoid over-saturation. Orbeez provide hours of enjoyment for both adults and children when utilized correctly.


Orbeez, a captivating and unique substance, amazes with its water-absorbing capacity and size potential.

Beyond providing entertainment, they have found applications in scientific experiments and educational activities.

Whether you seek to explore their growth potential or indulge in playful amusement, Orbeez promises an exciting and intriguing experience.

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